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Are you looking for the Best Dot Net Course in Khanna to help you advance your career? Micro Wave Computer Institute is the best option to choose the Dot Net Course for your career development because nowadays the Dot Net framework is widely used in many fields. In our Dot Net Course we teach each and every concept to students which is essential to learn about Dot Net.Dot Net developers are in high demand these days. That is why learning Dot Net is crucial. Micro Wave Computer Institute is providing quality education in Khanna for 24 years.

All the trainers at Micro Wave Computer Institute are experienced and believe in hard work. They give their 100% to prepare students for their better future and career. The Whole computer lab is equipped with computers and we provide a good learning environment to students so that they can focus properly on their studies. We deliver quality education in IT courses such as Digital Marketing, JAVA, JavaScript, Web Designing, Web Development, ADCA, DCA, Basic Computer Course, Account with Tally 9.0, etc.

Table of Content:

What is Dot Net? 

.NET is a free and open source developer platform which helps to build different types of applications. In other words, Dot Net is the widely used framework for website and web app development. Also, it is very easy to learn and implement by beginners. Dot net is a versatile programming language in comparison to other languages. The dot net is one of the programming frameworks which can mainly assist to build the app easily and more efficiently. Software tools can be created with the help of Dot Net. With the help of .NET, you can use multiple languages, libraries to build for web, desktop, games, loT, mobile and many more. 

Object Oriented Programming

  • Basic Concept of OOPs?
  • Principles of OOPs
  • Object
  • Class
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Overloading

Introduction to .Net Framework

  • .Net Framework Architecture
  • Components of framework
  • Windows Forms
  • Assembly Types
  • Build, Package, Deploy
  • C# Language
  • CLR Execution Model
  • Primitive Types
  • Reference & Value Types
  • Nullable Types
  • Constants & Fields
  • Properties, Methods, Events & Delegates.
  • Generics
  • Interfaces
  • Working with Chars, Strings & Text
  • Enums, Arrays.
  • Assembly Loading & Reflection
  • Serialisation

Errors & Exception Handling

  • The Idea behind Exception
  • Exceptions & Errors
  • Types of Exception
  • Control Flow in Exceptions
  • Use of try, catch, finally, throw, throws in Exception Handling.
  • In-built and User Defined Exceptions


  • Collection Classes
  • List, Dictionary, Hashtable
  • IEnumerable, IList, IQueryable


  • Thread Basics
  • Foreground, Background Threads
  • Multithreading concepts
  • Asynchronous Operations using threads

Windows Forms

  • Basics of Winforms programming
  • Controls in Winforms
  • Execution flow
  • Event Driven programming
  • Assignments

ADO .Net

  • Basics of RDBMS
  • ADO .Net Classes
  • Connectivity to Database
  • Connected & Disconnected Architecture
  • Dataset, Datatable, DataReader
  • XSD

ASP .Net

  • Introduction to Web Applications
  • Why ASP .Net?
  • IIS
  • ASP .Net Pipeline
  • Page Life Cycle
  • Front end and Code Behind
  • User Controls
  • Custom Controls
  • Master Pages
  • Asp .Net Controls
  • HTML Controls
  • Validations
  • Debugging

Web Services

  • Web Methods
  • Attributes
  • Using Web Service

Eligibility Criteria for Learning .NET Course 

Students who have completed their 10+2 are eligible to join the Dot Net course at Micro Wave Computer Institute Khanna. Apart from this, anyone who is interested in learning this programming language can enrol in the Dot Net Course at Micro Wave Computer Institute Khanna .

Skills to Learn in .NET Course 

To get a job in any company, having the proper skills is vital. he skills listed below are required for employment in IT firms.

  • Problem-solving skills
  •  Analytical skills
  • Time management skills
  • Communication skills

Other technical skills required to complete the.NET course include:

  • .NET framework
  • Coding, decoding
  • Server-side and Client-side technology
  • C#, F#, and another programming language
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS etc.
  • Knowledge of SQL Server, Bootcamp
  • Budget designing

Job Opportunities after .NET Course

There are numerous good career opportunities for.Net framework learners. The following positions are available for.NET learners:

  1. Web Developer
  2. Software Developer
  3. Software Engineer
  4. IT Consultant
  5. Team Leader
  6. Web Programmer
  7. Sr. Software Programmer
  8. IT Head

Also, there are good career opportunities in foreign countries after completing .Net Course

Duration of the Dot Net Course at Micro Wave Computer Institute Khanna 

Duration of the Dot Net Course at Micro Wave Computer Institute Khanna is 2 months.

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