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Micro Wave Computer Institute provides the Best Graphic Designing Course in Khanna within an affordable fees structure. We are providing best coaching of Graphic Designing Course In Khanna. Our graphic design course includes : 

1) Corel Draw

2) Adobe Photoshop 

3) Adobe Illustrator

Table of Content:

Why Are We The Best Graphic Designing Training Institute In Khanna?

Are you Searching for Best Graphic Designing Course in Khanna? Micro Wave Computer Institute provides you the Best Graphic Designing Course in Khanna. Graphic Designing is the process and art in which text and pictures are combined. With the help of Graphic Designing you can create logos, brochures, pamphlets, magazines, advertisements and many other creative designs. We create many creative ideas by Using lines,  colours, shapes, and textures. Apart from that we also provide other courses such as Web Designing Course in Khanna, Digital Marketing Course in Khanna, Basic Computer Course in Khanna, Manual account & Tally ERP 9.0 and many more.

Micro Wave Computer Institute is the Best Graphic Designing Course in Khanna. If you want to earn part time in these jobs, then choosing a Graphic Designing Course is the best option for you to learn. As we are providing Best Graphic Designing Course in Khanna for the last 24 years and We specialize in providing this course in Khanna. After completing a Graphic Designing course, you can get a better job in the field of graphic designing. Also, you can work as a  freelancer and you can get your projects sitting at your home. As every business is going online, there is a demand for graphic designers that is increasing day by day in private as well as government sectors. As graphic designers get a high package salary so choosing a career as a graphic designer is really beneficial. There are many websites worldwide, which demand graphics. 

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic design is the craft of planning and creating visual content which is used to communicate ideas and messages. Graphic Designers are essentially visual communicators who bring visual concepts to life, most commonly through graphic design software, and inform or engage consumers through text, graphics and images. Graphic design is one way which is used by  companies to  connect with consumers. Design can be used to  to convey a message, to develop a brand identity or to  promote and sell products. 

Who is Eligible To Join Best Graphic Designing Course in Khanna at Micro Wave Computer Institute

Students who have completed their 12th can start learning a Best Graphic Designing Course in Khanna. Apart from this, designers who want to expand  their skills. This course is the best option for those people who want to make a career in the growing graphic designing industry.

Syllabus of Best Graphic Designing Course in Khanna at Micro Wave Computer Institute in Khanna

Introduction to the Graphic Design Industry

  • 1)  History of Graphic Design
  • 2)  Future of Graphic Design

Introduction to the tools

Elements of Design

  • 1)  Colour
  • 2)  Line
  • 3)  Shape
  • 4)  Space
  • 5)  Texture
  • 6)  Value

Principles of Design

  • 1)  Balance
  • 2)  Contrast
  • 3)  Typography
  • 4)  Anatomy of a letter
  • 5)  Typefaces
  • 6)  Typographic Measurement
  • 7)  Typographic Standards
  • 8)  Typographic Guidelines

Creating images for print & web

  • 1)  Formats
  • 2)  Resolution
  • 3)  Raster Vs Vector

Editing Images

  • 1)  Ethics
  • 2)  Copyright laws


The duration of the Best Graphic Designing Course in Khanna is 3 months.

What will you learn at Best Graphic Designing Course in Khanna?

  • 1)  Introduction to software
  • 2)  Drawing and Colouring
  • 3)  Mastering with Text
  • 4)  Effects
  • 5)  Importing and Exporting
  • 6)  Working with Bitmap Commands

Career prospects and job opportunities after learning Graphic Designing Course 

  • 1)  Graphic Design Instructor
  • 2)  Web Designer
  • 3)  Creative Director
  • 4)  Photo Editor
  • 5)  Publications Designer
  • 6)  Art Designer
  • 7)  Animator 
  • 8)  Multimedia Artist
  • 9)  Layout Designer
  • 10) Architecture & Engineering Drafter
  • 11) Layout Designer
  • 12) UI / UX Designer

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