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Best Web Designing Course in Khanna – Want to become a professional Web Designer? If yes, you have a need for proper training for a web designing course. Are you searching for the Best web designing in Khanna? Do not worry! Micro Wave Computer institute provides the Best Web Designing Course in Khanna. As technology is rising day by day, web design is becoming a promising career in this modern era because it offers a wide range of career opportunities. Micro Wave provides the Best  Website Designing Course in Khanna that will assist you to gain all the essential skills that are needed to become a professional graphic designer. 

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What is a Web Designing Course ?

A web designing course is an IT course  which enables students to learn different techniques, tools and programming languages in order to create and maintain web pages.

Syllabus For Best Web Designing Course in Khanna 

  • 1)  Web Introduction
  • 2)   Understanding the complete website structure
  • 3)  Basic HTML tags
  • 4)  Anchor, URL, images,
  • 5)  Lists, class


  • Basic HTML Structure, Introduction to HTML, HTML Editors, Attributes, Paragraphs, Links, Headings
  • All HTML Head Tags, HTML CSS, HTML List, HTML Tables, Blocks, HTML Display Properties, HTML Layouts
  • HTML Iframes , HTML Forms, XHTML, Colour Codes


  • An Introduction to CSS, Basic Concepts of CSS, CSS Syntax, Classes
  • CSS Text, CSS Colours, CSS Background, Boxes, CSS Outlines, Tables, CSS Fonts, Links, Borders
  • CSS Margins, CSS Display Properties, CSS Paddings
  • CSS Positions, Floatings, and Alignment


  •  Introduction to JavaScript
  • JavaScript Variables
  • JavaScript Data Types
  • JavaScript Operations
  • JavaScript Functions
  • JavaScript Arrays

Who can learn Best Web Designing Course in Khanna at Micro Wave Computer Institute?

Students who have completed their 10+2 can join Best Web Designing Course in Khanna at Micro Wave Computer Institute. Apart from that, this course is best for those who are willing to enter the field of web designing.  

Scope of web designing training course in Khanna

  • 1)  Builds your self-assurance and self-worth
  • 2)  Huge return on investment
  • 3)  Web designers will constantly be in demand
  • 4)  Different career opportunities
  • 5)  May motivate  you to build your own website
  • 6)  Rewarding career option

Benefits of Joining Best Web designing Course in Khanna 

Anyone who wants to start their career in the field of web designing can avail of the benefits of Web Designing Training Course. The advantages of the Web designing course are given below.

High Demand in The Future

There is no denying that the usage of technology is rising day by day. In this modern era, where every business is going online, it is important for them to promote their business through a website. As a result, web designers will be in demand to assist businesses to show their online presence. This is the perfect time for you to choose the right path that fits best for the future.

Get Hired or Choose Freelancing

The best thing about Web Designing Course is that you can work as a web designer with any repetitive company and can get a good salary package. Apart from this, you can become your own boss and do work as a freelancer.

Fun and Creative

Web designing is totally fun. It allows you to show your creativity. You will never feel bored in this field because you can play with your creativity and make an attractive website. Various components, such as texts, colors, messages, fonts, etc., are brought together to make an engaging website.

You Can Also Work From Your Home

There are many people who do not go out to work as they prefer to work from home. Do not worry!  As a web designer you can work while sitting at home, which is a great benefit. So, if you want to do work from the comfort of your home, web designing is a great career option for you.


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