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Micro Wave Computer Institute is the Best Web Development Course in Khanna, where students learn to code and we guide them on how to build their own websites with the help of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript which are fronted programming languages. We provide proper guidance in Web Development to students which helps them to be proficient in web development and makes them certified web developer professionals. A student may also enroll in web technologies if web designing and web development courses are done together, in the current market of web technologies a full-stack developer is highly in demand, especially in client-based organizations. We are providing computer training to our students for the last 24 years. We assist our students to learn easily with simple and easier learning methodologies in Best Web Development Course in Khanna. 

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What is Web Development?

Web Development refers to building, creating, and maintaining websites that run over the internet.  web design, web programming, and database management are included in it. In this technical era, web development skills are in high demand and the salary package of web developers is very high.          

Micro Wave Computer Institute offers Web Development Training in Khanna at a reasonable price. Our main aim is to prepare students for a better career and make them experts in the field of web development. There are some parts of web designing included in the process of development. Apart from this, coding is also included.

Syllabus For Best Web Development Course in Khanna at Micro Wave

Why Choose Micro Wave Computer Institute to learn

Best Web Development Course in Khanna?

* Experience of 24 Years 

*Good Infrastructure

*Proper Working  Computers

*Well Qualified & Co-operative staff 

*Availability of different batches

*An ISO:Certified 

*Deliver true value and quality education 

Web Development Tools 

With a variety of web technologies such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript , and other components which are handled by web browsers, web development tools assist to test, testing, and debug their code. 

The list of web development tools is mentioned below:


A well-designed, efficient, ultra-speedy interface and most popular text editors in the world. . It includes features such as Auto indentation, File Type Recognition, Syntax Highlight, Auto Indentation, File Type Recognition, Sidebar, Macros, Plug-in and Packages that make it easy for working with the code base. 


By using this tool, web development can be done faster as it minimizes the code and reduces.


Web application frameworks support the development of web applications with web services, web resources, etc. it is mainly created to enhance the performance as well as efficiency of web development tasks. In addition, it is used to optimize images.


it is a JavaScript library in which developers can develop one-page applications which assist them to make the code organized and simple. It divides the application into three kinds of components View, Model, and Controller, etc.


Web Storm works very efficiently with large projects. Also, It provides smart code assistance to JavaScript and is customised and suitable for different coding styles. It assists you to make your development experience more enjoyable. 


It is a faster and smoother web development tool. It has impressive features to write CSS faster and allows live viewing and synchronization.

Role Of Web Developer

The role of web developer includes designing, creating and maintaining the website providing in the process  of an online portal which is created for the usages of customers, clients and other interested parties.  They include content, video,  graphics, images and other utilities to create attention grabbing sites which attract more people on their site.

Skills Required For Web Developer 


HTML is Hypertext Markup language which is basic coding language used to create web applications and web pages.


The full form of CSS is  Cascading Style Sheets and which describes how HTML elements are to be displayed on paper, screen,  or in other media and It provides an extra feature to HTML. In addition, it depicts the look and formatting of documents that are written in markup language. Also, it is used with HTML for user interface and style of web pages.


As it is a high level programming language which assists to make websites more functional and interactive. Special features on-site such as search bars, social media share buttons, and videos can be written directly with the help of java.


it is necessary to have a great command on one coding platform for any web developer. 


A software or web framework designed to assist in development, low level functionality and provide standard which helps developers to focus efforts on the elements that make the project unique.


It is a free content management system which allows users to edit and modify web pages, add plugins and run tests for bugs. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world.


It exists in programming languages. Instead of taking typical one or two operands it takes three operands. When we need to simplify the statements which are used for assigning values to variables, we use ternary operators. Apart from this, it is used  when assigning post data or validating forms.

Career Opportunities For Web Developer 

  • 1)  Full Stack Developer
  • 2)  Front End Developer
  • 3)  Software Developer
  • 4)  Senior Web Developer
  • 5)  Back End Developer 

Benefits For Web Development 

  1. Lower maintenance needs
  2. More mobile traffic
  3. Higher conversion rates
  4. Faster web pages
  5. Lowers bouncer rates

Scope of Web Development Course

There are many job opportunities for those students who want to enter and work in the field of web development and web developers are in high demand in many private and public organizations that hire web developers for online work and web development.

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